How to request an appointment

You can request an appointment in the following ways:

On the day appointments

Please contact the surgery before 10:30 on the day you wish to be seen. A suitable clinician will call you back and if required, see you that day.

Please note that a doctor will still be available throughout the working day if you have a medical emergency.

Urgent appointments

Patients seen in urgent appointments by one of our practitioners should be aware that they might not be able to see their own usual practitioner and that the appointment time may be restricted or delayed.

Advance appointments

Appointments with the doctor or nurse practitioner can be booked in advance for routine reviews of ongoing conditions. These can be helpful if you have transport difficulties or if you find it difficult to get to the surgery during normal office hours, for example due to work commitments. Advance appointments with nurses, healthcare assistants and phlebotomists can be booked ahead at a time convenient to yourself.

Telephone consultations

For telephone advice, patients do not need to contact us at 08:30 as a practitioner is available during the morning and afternoon. This helps ease congestion of the telephone lines early in the morning. Unless it is an emergency, the receptionist will normally arrange for a practitioner (GP or nurse practitioner) to telephone you back to discuss your condition. We have found that in many cases a GP or nurse practitioner can give advice and/or prescribe and update medications for a wide variety of conditions. This seems to work well for many patients, as it saves time and they often don’t need to come to the surgery at all or only have to pop in briefly.

Appointment length

  • Doctors – the duration of a standard appointment with a doctor is 10 minutes. As a practice we do offer longer appointments for more complex consultations including gynaecological examinations, and more than one problem. Please let us know if you require more than 10 minutes with a doctor.
  • Nurses – the duration of these appointments varies depending on patient needs. For example, a standard appointment for a cervical smear is 15 minutes, for an asthma review 20 minutes and a standard appointment for a travel consultation 30 minutes.

Infectious conditions

If you or your children have a rash or spots which could be infectious, please let the us know when you request your appointment. The receptionist will then arrange for you to be seated in a location to minimise the risk of cross infection. If you feel faint, nauseous or are in pain in the reception area, please tell the receptionist who will arrange more appropriate seating or call a practitioner to attend.

Improved access to appointments

Norwich GPs have been offered an opportunity to take part in a project to improve patient access to primary care by working together for the benefit of their patients. Additional appointments will be available weekdays between 14:00-20:00 and during selected times at weekends and bank holidays, to registered patients. Patients registered with any participating GP surgery within the Norwich area will be able to have an appointment at these extra clinics.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason, please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else. The surgery often has up to 160 patients per month who do not attend their appointments and these could have been given to people who need them.

Appointments can be cancelled using our Cancel an Appointment triage.